Wyoming became the first state of America to recognize ownership of cryptocurrency

Holders of cryptocurrency in Wyoming rejoice – in their Senate a bill was passed giving them official ownership of the earned digital money.

In mid-February 2019, the third and fourth hearings were held in the Senate for the approval of this bill, called SF0125. Now the document is being tested by the current governor of the United States of America – Mark Gordon. According to the latest data, a new cryptocurrency rule should come into force within a week.

Guided by the new law, Wyoming residents get legal rights to own various digital currencies, including Bitcoin and others. But this is not the only opportunity that cryptocurrency owners received.

According to the expert, a member of the Wyoming blockchain coalition – Long Caitlin, who is a specialist from Wall Street, this legislative project will increase interest in the state as a whole from investors and cryptographic enterprises. She has long argued that with the adoption of the law, many companies will arrive in Wyoming for actual placement – that is, they will officially register here, place offices and so on.

In all other states at the moment other orders on the ownership of digital currencies. Complicated work with cryptocurrency and frequent violations in the SEC securities laws.

The main topic of conversation today is the possible transfer of the financial capital of America – New York to Wyoming. It is likely that the majority of participants in the cryptocurrency market will transfer their bases here.

According to Caitlin, now in Wyoming you can get more rights and legal protection even for institutional investors. New York in this matter began to lag significantly after the adoption of the new law.

The expert is also confident that in the coming years both Washington and New York will start transferring capital here.

Interesting fact: Investors, cryptocurrency holders began to transfer their assets to Wyoming before the adoption of the draft law.

The first who took advantage of the benefits available after the adoption of the law, became Cardano. In early 2019, the entire financial base was moved to Wyoming. Even with a strong opposition, the legislative draft was adopted and will soon begin its action.

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