Who can keep under the development of cryptoeconomics?

Everything new has doctors and friends. The second is usually more. Opponents have their own reasons and motives. Sometimes this is a simple disbelief in the future of technology. As it was, for example, with aircraft that were heavier than air. Often this is a deliberate game against something new. We will try to deal with who fears or keeps under the development of cryptoeconomy as a new economic model today.

The biggest opponent is the state, which always enjoys and controls everything. The first cryptocurrency turned 10 this year, but so far in most countries of the world there are no thought-out laws regulating cryptoeconomics.

Who can keep under the development of cryptoeconomics?

Often, the blockchain is said to be the invention of the US security services. Anonymity is what government agencies fear. Information  storage’s security, simple and reliable verification is what we – technology users want. Money laundering using cryptocurrency, the development of the arms and drug trade is another legend that security forces want to develop. It was as if everything was calm in this area before the advent of Bitcoin. There is no progress in this area of focus in either earlier times or now.

Blockchain is a technology that can reduce the number of counterfeit goods, drugs and documents, to make our lives safer. However, someone really does not want to give us our simple rights.

“Divide et impera,” says an old treatise on governance. In the aggressive marketing’s world, you can only add the word “scare” to this phrase.

Who can keep under the development of cryptoeconomics?

Financial institutions like to declare cryptocurrency as a “soap bubble”, but how many crises and bankruptcies have these gurus analysts and fans of fiat currencies avoided. The first exchanges of their very origins were less rank-order than crypto platforms and hundred-fold also were less technological.

Traders set the price, the people decide whether they need this product or not. If there are cryptocurrency exchange and they are trading, then virtual currencies are in demand. In the days of the “stampede”, people were willing to pay for gold, today for digital assets. Cryptocurrency is not air, just as a gold miner spent money on a tray and tools at one time, the miner makes investments in equipment and electricity. Cryptoeconomics is still at the beginning of its path, but already now major players can control it to a small extent, among them are the Wall Street guys. The exception is the purchase or sale of large lots in order to sharply raise or crash the currency rate on individual cryptocurrency exchange.

Who can keep under the development of cryptoeconomics?

Surprisingly for many readers, we consider the participants of the market, whose attention was attracted with the help of hype, to be the enemies of cryptoeconomics. In contrast to blockchain-enthusiasts, they do not look deeply and see the trend as an get-rich-quick opportunity.

When a trend goes down sharply, they rise in the ranks of critics, when it goes up – they pick themselves up. For them, the possibilities of the blockchain, which is the foundation of cryptoeconomics, are not important. However, it is precisely an increasing number of projects and companies using this revolutionary technology that bring us closer to a different future. Globally today, it is not so important need to raise or downgrade the live stream rating.

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