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The obtained  profit distinguishes a reasonable investor from a person who loses money on suspicious investments. Every year, many dubious projects enter the market, and they still find their investors due to hype and fashion trends. No more than 35—40% of startups are working, promising and do not turn into a scam at the ICO stage.

There are familiar check rules for an blockchain project investor, a definite starting checklist that allows an investor to make a choice in particular offer favor. A typical checklist is fairly simple: idea evaluating, advisors evaluating, white paper evaluating and, of course, team professionalism evaluating.

The value of any company is a team, specialists who can solve problems. The team and the program are the basis of any project. Unlike venture investments with a deep economic analysis and a competitive basis, investing in a cryptoeconomy is an investment in an idea. The idea should foresee changes in the global market, take into account global mass needs in the medium and long term, and determine the future. Only experienced professionals, dedicated to their work, can choose the right direction and realize their plans.

There is an opportunity to invest money in a project or product through crowdfunding platforms, which are increasingly becoming tools for the major brands marketing promotion, that platforms lose their original role today. There are also crowdfunding blockchain platforms, which can be interesting for investments in tokens that sometimes go to the stock exchange. The token price can vary depending on the economic performance of the startup, the demand and often the number of speculative factors. Today, most of these projects offer too trivial ideas, for example, raising money to launch an online store. Other projects are difficult to implement and have a long payback period, for example, creating an alternative energy park, these are high—risk plans.

On the basis of statistics and personal experience, we can say that one of the most sustainable global businesses is medical business. Let’s not hide that the margin in it can exceed tens and hundreds of percent. For example, the clinic, with real expert doctors, properly equipped, highly specialized, with well—established business processes, today has a occupancy rate of 60—70% or more. Diagnosis is a bottleneck today, but this is the key to a competent and effective treatment.

The percentage of cardiovascular deaths in the world (according to WHO) is more than 40% of all fatal non—infectious cases. Cancers firmly occupy the second place in this sad world ranking, although the most malignant disease nature may vary from region to region. For example, skin cancer is most common in Israel or Australia due to increased solar radiation in these countries.

What are the cure chances for a malignant tumor in Europe today? Chances are quite high, provided timely diagnosis and correct data interpretation. European practice shows consistently high survival rates in the 5—year period, which continue to increase in Western European countries. Thus, in Germany, the survival rate for breast cancer was 85% in 2004, and was already 90% in 2011.

The treatment success is inextricably linked with the diagnosis. The problem often lies in the late disease signs detection or non—detection in the early stages. The reason for this is not only the equipment lack in medical centers, but rather the fact that the clinic is not fully staffed by highly qualified specialists for a mass screening results correct interpretation. However, even an experienced specialist may mistakenly diagnose the patient’s condition. In world practice, the error degree in the myocardial infarction detection comes to 25—29%.  Given the increasing workload of doctors, and the specialists migration from the clinic to the clinic and from country to country, the error rate will only increase.

The many diseases diagnosis is based on a linear analysis, it is the conclusions building and the symptoms elimination, the work with the pathologies classifications. Neural networks can process more data than the most experienced doctor or research team. Neural networks can use nonlinear analysis methods thereby increasing the successful, reliable diagnostics factor. Imagine that the planet population will grow in the future at the same rate as today, because there is a tendency that this will happen, and therefore the medical personnel shortage will increase. This trend progression will precisely block access for many people on our planet to quality diagnostics in the next 5—10 years.

Disabled citizens are the state level issue. A person who does not produce and does not participate in his country economic life, is too expensive for any economy. Multi—billion—dollar budgets are spent on this issue, health care reforms are being carried out, but the most successful of them allow only partially solving it. How to ensure high—quality, early disease diagnosis with minimal material and personnel costs? This is the main issue today.

Neural networks are our civilization near future. Neural networks in medical diagnostics is a market with billions of dollars and the inevitable need to solve the health—related tasks facing the world community.

The Intelligent Medical Developments company has been involved in research and development in the neural network medical diagnostics field for several years now, bringing together the best specialists and reputable experts united in one team for the sole purpose. We do not propose excessive windfall revenues, but we invite you to become our future architects together.

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