What is a Bitcoin appearance?

If you ask Americans to describe you a one-dollar bill, they will do it without any hesitation. Indian citizen would have Mahatma Gandhi image engraved in their memory. But will they be able to represent a Bitcoin ?

This raises the question of a Bitcoin appearance? It challenges the minds of some of the best scholars in this field.

Bitcoin, eventually, is not material, it is just exchanged from one wallet to another through addresses and can be accessed through cyphered sequences of numbers, which can be referred to as private key.

What is the best way to describe a Bitcoin?

Bitcoin has a very obvious representation symbol, the letter “B” barred by two vertical lines in a circle, which is very close from the “$” symbol. You will often be able to find out online goodies made of this symbol in different colours such as gold or silver.

If you trying to picture what a Bitcoin is made of, you will discover that it is built from a huge amount of lines of codes, which content is only accessible to a few developers.

A Bitcoin can be sent, in some case, to a physical wallet. Even in that case the wallet’s ID is spread via the address which is nothing but a sequence of letters and numbers.

Can the Bitcoin be physically represented?

Anyone can have his own interpretation of a Bitcoin however this would never be endorsed officially by any entity.

This is because Bitcoin is built on the very principle of decentralized currency. Consequently, having printed notes would be in total opposition with the Bitcoin purpose as it would need a permanent control from a central authority.

Some members of the internet community came up with their rendering of a Bitcoin appearance. Representing the value of a Bitcoin at the time of the design.

Five years ago an organism called “Casascius” was manufacturing Bitcoin shaped as coins. They could be found in material such as gold-plated, silver-plated and brass.

More recently, another citizen of the net presented another design: The Bitcoin note.

With a portrait of Alan Turing in the center, flanked by QR codes, surrounded by denomination and private key this Bitcoin is very close to a most of the standard notes printed all around the world. It was designed by Carlos Bueno and this template was at disposal on GitHub under the name “bitcoin-printer”.

The picture is as follows:

As a result, Bitcoins have several more or less serious physical symbols. However, they are nothing but lines of codes.

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