Almost any of us has a fitness or a health tracker or smart watch, and we consider them something absolutely natural. But just some years ago no one would believe that is might be possible to speak over watch or to check email on your hand. The reality shows that wearable gadgets, or wearables, being very young but very ambitious are rapidly taking their place in consumer market and in our everyday life.

Let’s find out what can we expect from wearable technology in 2019, because for sure we will see many pleasant surprises!

Smart watch & health tracker era

People were rather skeptical about digital watch, which can survive only 24 hours. But step by step, experienced marketers and smart developers started pushing smart gadget idea directly to consumer market, demonstrating their undeniable advantages. Check emails or weather, talk with friends or customize your health data, there are numerous opportunities one can do thanks to smart device. And with wireless charging device it seems rather logical to take off digital watch and get them recharged for the night.

What about smart clothing?

By now wearable technology is more about technology for wrists, but it should move forward dealing with all body. For example, Google once launched the idea of smart Jacket, called Jacguard in late 2017. With its help you could listen to music, receive messages, and even call. Still it was a test, some argue that such smart item could survive even some washes. However, the perspectives are impressive!

Smart earphones

After apple has launched Air Pods, all producers started following the rising trend. In 2018 we were a bit skeptical, however in 2019 we are already dreaming to have our own smart device in our pocket. The accessories market also promises to be growing fast offering us millions of nice features.

Wearable tattoo

Not yet launched, but already in test mode – meet L’Oréal wearable tattoo which will help to test pH level and help to understand which particular product to choose. It will be checked with mobile application, so we are looking forward to have one!

Of course, this list is rather short; we should also include smart rings, Ar & VR glasses, smart pillows and a lot more cool gadgets. But anyway, we are just starting the year, so let’s see what it will bring us!

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