Things you should know before investing in bitcoin in 2019

So you are thinking of investing in bitcoin now? Well, it is great to hear that you are finally getting serious about thinking of the future. Ladies and gentlemen, this blog will help you get the idea of the main things that can help you earn big in cryptocurrency world.

This blog will explain to you:

  1. Bitcoin investing basics
  2. Why you should stop kidding around with bitcoin
  3. The process of buying bitcoin in an effective way
  4. Then securing the bought bitcoins

Why is bitcoin booming?

The world has changed a lot, and these modern times everyone relies on the internet. Whether they want food, get a new jacket or making payments, the internet is where they go to get things done in minutes. No doubt in these modern times, bitcoin has gained a pretty good interest of smart investors. As cryptocurrencies, significantly bitcoin provides some great opportunity to acquire online assets like never before.

Investment in bitcoin, but why?

To some people, it may feel silly that only one bitcoin can be worth thousands of dollars. But the thing is bitcoins are very are valuable due to its property of being very useful and scarce.  Let’s take an example of simple Gold. One mines it, and by the time the more it is mined, the less it is left behind. That’s the same case with bitcoin as there are about 21 Million bitcoin in total and it’s been mined continuously. Some facts that make bitcoin an important and a smart investment are:

  • Bitcoin has quite a predictable and sound monetary policy which is verifiable by anyone;
  • Bitcoin’s monetary policy’s important feature is that it is possible for users to see the new creation of bitcoins. So you can keep track of the numbers of bitcoins that are under circulation;
  • Bitcoins are easily and swiftly sent from all around the world to everywhere and any place you want. Not any bank can mess with your payments or block your money flow. This is because Bitcoin is a censorship-resistant currency;
  • It is now possible to make cross border payments with bitcoin and cryptocurrency also allows people to escape the failed government’s monetary policies successfully;
  • Now the internet has made information very easily accessible and simply global. A robust, worldwide currency as Bitcoin, ethereum, Litecoin, etc. will have a sound impact on the finance and definitely global economy in the end;

So, now you can get the idea of how wonderful this currency is, and you are late to invest in bitcoin by now, I mean, where have you been all this time? Well, folks, it is still not late to invest in bitcoin as you can get benefit of it by investing wisely. The price of bitcoin. There is no fix or a certain price of bitcoin as it goes up and down depending on how much the people are happy to pay. Right now the price of a bitcoin is around $4500. The good thing about bitcoin is that new investors like you can buy less than 1 bitcoin.

The perfect time to buy bitcoin

Like any other currency market it is always isn’t for sure when it is falling or rising up, however, in bitcoin, the case is different as it has not shown any sudden major falls. It is increasing up with a pretty robust pace. Any country’s financial condition has nothing to do with bitcoin so you can buy it without any worries.

Where to buy and secure bitcoin?

Coinbase and some other bitcoin brokers are good places where you can buy bitcoins. As to secure bitcoins, bitcoin wallets play a role here. Bitcoin’s own wallet is good, and you should give a try to Ledger nano S and Trezor as well.

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