If you are brave enough to go into trading crypto now, we have prepared the list of the most popular online platforms. Actually, there are hundreds and thousands of them, but far not each resource can show good security level. By that we call the personal data protection & storage, the secure authorization and the high level of overall digital security.

Let’s get started right now!


It is the most popular cryptocurrency exchange in the world based in the US. It has been hacked and since that time it uses the best security instruments. It has low commissions and is perfect for a newbie. Also a big plus is huge trading volumes per day.


This exchange is very popular and is operating in Canada, The European Union, Japan and the United States. It is partnered with the first cryptocurrency bank. Moreover, it offers a lot of opportunities in different currencies. It is an absolute leader in BTC/EUR exchange. The security level is very high so you can be calm using this platform.


Chinese most popular exchange, it suits perfectly both for trading and for learning. One can find over 130 tradeable currencies, easy-to-use interface and many other cool features. It is perfect for everyday trading and creating prognoses for future. A big bonus is that you can use it on your mobile app, so you can stay tuned literary 24 h. That’s cool, isn’t it?


Coming from Hong Kong, BitMEX relates to more serious crypto traders. The platform is very easy to use, customizing everything as you need it. Though it trades only bitcoin, it shows big dynamics in 24h.


Having HQ in London, it is popular worldwide. The major pros are easy to get verified, to transfer money and to start trading. It has a strong reputation and uses latest security instruments.

To finish up, there are many different old and new online trading platforms, choose the one which you feel comfortable to use. Some people prefer to operate in 2 or 3 platforms combining the effectivity of them. Pay attention to the popularity of exchange in your country and the support of your language. Stay tuned and good luck with trading experience!

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