The percentage of investors worldwide is not so high, though the number is rapidly growing each year. Today there are many opportunities, which give green light for investors:

  • Fast access to any information
  • High level of world digitalization
  • Smart mobile devices
  • Possibility to have 24h. control

These are just some random factors giving you the possibility to invest is some techno start up in Malaysia while resting on Miami beach. Basically, to do that you need just phone or PC.

Each 2nd person is investor, but he doesn’t know that!

Well, in case you are thinking you are far from investing market, that’s not exactly true. Lets check. Answer this easy question: Have you ever bought a car or a flat? Each third person will say: Yes. And what about paying for University or buying different courses? This is a specific type of investment we are doing in our skills.

Investing for dummies

So now, after we understood, that everyone is more or less dealing with investing, let’s have a look at investing in terms of professional money making . One can invest in many different features:

  • Business
  • Savings Accounts
  • Stock market
  • Mutual funds
  • Real estate
  • Cars

The financial specialist advice to save money and invest around 8-10 % of income.

Investing TIPS

Investing is a good way to keep an eye on your finances controlling them.

TIP#1. Calculate your income and split it according to your needs

  1. The amount for month living (70%)
  2. SOS amount (20%)
  3. Amount for investments (10%)

TIP#2. Download useful financial application

There are many comfortable application which can help you to control your money like Coinkeeper, MoneyFlow, etc. You can control your investment programs through mobile applications as well.

TIP#3. Keep records of your finances analyzing progress dynamics

If you are making your first investment steps, be accurate in counting and recording each penny.

Answering question if investing is worth it, the answer will be: absolutely yes! The inflation is rising each year so your saved money will lose their amount. The investing can be different, and one can choose the most appropriate strategy. Remember, it’s important to count money keeping them growing!

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