Greg Blazer
He has plenty of experience in healthcare consulting field. He is interested in making modern technologies more understandable and accessible to everyone, which usually takes up most of his time. He is very hardworking and successfully makes projects ready to be launched onto the market and takes part in further development of systems.
Andrews Vinberg
AI expert

The AI expert, has been studying the neural networks since 2003. He has a lot of his own developments, published journalistic materials and successful experiments. Over the years of work he has passed the way from a theorist-enthusiast to a successful practice. Vinberg in Intelligent Medical Developments is responsible for finding the perspective directions for the multi-layer neural networks application, predicting the success of all projects being implemented.

Pyotr Kolomensky
Is a surgeon, responsible for the AI promotion in two therapeutic directions: assessment of the tissue lesion area for burns and expediency of surgical treatment, automatic cutaneous oncology detection.
Gerald Ferguson
Is a successful oncologist, involved in neural network algorithms implementation into the medical diagnostics for the lung and breast cancer detection. Gerald Ferguson is fully engaged in the project implementation which goal is the AI introduction into chest X-ray. Such a diagnostic format will allow to consider a huge specific factors number during the research and as a result - to detect cancer, tuberculosis, SARS and a number of other serious diseases at the earliest stages.
Alan Derbish
Is a cardiologist who was the first to join the Intelligent Medical Developments team. He is engaged in the neural networks implementation in the work of medical institutions that specialize in the heart disease diagnosis. Soon it is planned to join the cardiovascular surgery sector.
Maria Waren
Marketing Manager
She started as a social marketing consultant in the field of environmental protection, and later successfully worked in some financial start-ups. She has been specializing in the development of projects using artificial intelligence since 2016. She is inspired by future technology and possibilities, which make her work enjoyable and easy.
Abigail Bond
Social Media Editor
A former student of the faculty of design who once and for all found herself in the world of branding and sales. Her experience is over 6 years. Her creativity, imagination and analytical skills help Abigail convince interviewees and communicate effectively, which, however, brings her great joy.
Li Meili
Editor of IMD News
Li Meili graduated from Shanghai University in 2014. Nowadays she is a specialist in HR and public relations. We know her as a very positive and responsible person. That is why she is the editor of our blog which is very important in the work of our company.