Neuromarketing and consumer behavior

Market researchers use marketing information to determine whether products or advertising stimulate brain reactions associated with positive emotions. Consequently, neuromarketing’s  concept was introduced to study relevant human emotions, behavioral patterns associated with products, advertising, consumer decision-making. Neuromarketing provides models of consumer behavior, and can also be used to re-interpret the existing classical concepts of traditional marketing. It provides theorization of consumer behavior’s emotional aspects. Used with Big Data to understand the effectiveness of modern advertising channels (social networks, contextual advertising, search-optimized advertising, etc.).

Neuromarketing and consumer behavior

Marketers can use neuro-information to generate attention-grabbing messages that can clearly influence emotional expressions. Consumers often rely on the “sixth sense”, do not fully consider the consequences, for that reason they are mainly consumers of products based on emotions and impulses.

Neuromarketing is related to Neuro-linguistic programming, content filtering. It is not only information that a person does not need or even harmful. To prevent such problems, content filtering was invented. The same system is also used by other antivirus programs and firewalls. Browsers provide traffic control. Encrypted view is always dangerous, it can contribute to the penetration of malicious programs, “worms”. The Neuro-linguistic programming practitioner trained in web mastering can easily use them. The development of Neuro-linguistic programming and neural systems allows us to hope that stringent measures will be found in this area of focus.

There are some good neuromarketing and advertising opportunities in the AdWords fast business promotion service using contextual advertising. Its main economic “advantages”: the formation of a base of regular customers, the transformation of many of them into regular partners, advertisers, and statistics providers.


Neuromarketing analytics, in the marketer hands, is becoming a powerful instrumentarium for analyzing and deciding (prediction), systematizing, and algorithmizing market trends and strategies.

Neuromarketing package, neurostructure performs tasks of different level, it is developed for specific tasks. However, the possibilities – unchanged – to predict, forecast, take into account consumer behavior when making decisions based on marketing data.

Neuromarketing and consumer behavior

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