Microsoft made public announcement an online course on Artificial Intelligence for Business

Recently, the world-renowned software development company for computers Microsoft released a unique online course on artificial intelligence – AI Business School. It is specifically designed for head of an enterprise, businessmen, managers and top managers who want to introduce AI into its management to develop their company. Thus, it will be possible to eliminate the human factor and don’t make numerous mistakes in important calculations.

What is AI Business School and its conceptual issues

This is a free online course that is intended for business leaders. It allows them to obtain specific practical and theoretical knowledge to determine and implement the most effective strategy for the artificial intelligence’s development. The course is conducted by the best experts in various fields of human activity, emphasizing the importance of using AI. At the moment it is available in English version, but in the future the developmental engineer plans to expand its language base.

The course consists of 4 modules:

  1. The module is devoted directly to the strategy and is indicative of what aspects are needed to improve various business processes.
  2. The second helps to determine what changes are needed in the company’s culture for the effective implementation of innovative and robotic technologies.
  3. The third module is devoted to the responsible use of artificial intelligence and gives information about how you can minimize the risks, while keeping ethical business practices.
  4. The fourth module is a kind of review of the main technologies, conceptions and perspectives of AI.

The training course is created for busy managers with a packed calendar who do not have time for personal attendance of “full-time” classes. This is reported by Microsoft developers, who also say that the duration of video materials and lectures is from 5 to 10 minutes. In the training videos there is a practical part and a short theory, which is necessary to understand the practice. The course is installed both on computers and mobile devices.

Full training takes about 15 hours. At pleasure, you can choose specific classes and take them. It may be a separate industry, which at the moment is most interested in a manager or top manager. In total, the course consists of the following individual elements:

  • five academic lectures;
  • ten case analysis with different tasks;
  • five practical guides on the use of AI;
  • 15 videos from leading experts who talk about the prospects for the introduction of AI in different business processes;
  • seven technical conversations.

During the course, you can gain invaluable experience, which is shared by the best top managers of Microsoft and representatives of Insead business school.

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