The Robotic technologies are popular not only in IT and Science spheres, but also are widely applied in Medical Studies. There are many movies and cartoons, where main heroes are getting tiny and start exploring human body. Well, today it is no longer a fantastic idea. While filmmakers are creating their fantasy world, scientists are carrying out real researches for everyday life. As a result – meet MICROROBOTS, super tiny, yet remote controlled digital creatures! Isn’t that a miracle?

Microrobot place in medical world

Microrobots will be next step for developing medicine and curing difficult diseases. Experts suggest considering these key features as most important:

  • They can deliver drugs to remote body zones
  • They can perform complex operations
  • They are remote controlled

Microrobotic technologies can significantly optimize modern medicine, helping to save many lives. They have high potential in surgery, diagnostics and imaging.

Microrobot design

While creating Microrobots biological materials are used, that make them soft and very flexible. Many different designs are tested to find the optimal one. By now the most spread is bacterium style robot, which allows it adapting inside human’s body. There are also robots design as self-folding micro machines, so called origami robots, changing their shape.

Microrobot side effects

Of course, one should remember about possible side effects, as the technology is rather young and besides to curing, it might do harm as well. What harm can be done is not clear yet. There are many factors, which should be kept both in mind and in paper.

Microrobot challenges

100% launch of such technology hasn’t been applied by now.  Researches are working hard on creation of new micro and even nano robots, who would be able transforming in human body. But nano scales requires totally different approach in thinking and adapting to them.

While some researches see clear future in this technology, others argue that is it not safe and should be more clinically tested before being announced worldwide. Each can have personal views about this issue, but one fact is absolutely undeniable – sooner or later their time will come.

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