Today every single thing gets digitalized, and our children already entering the world having smartphones and tablets in their hands. From their early ages, they know how to unlock smartphone without any instructions. Each new generation becomes smarter in terms of Tech word and today we will overlook the idea to introduce high technologies to child life.

When is the best time to introduce smart devices?

Each parent can decide when it is time to show technology to the child. It is not recommended to start with very early ages, as science still has not proved anything about side effects of gadgets on young children. For example, there are many parents, who give their newborns tablets to play or to watch cartoons. In such cases better to use them not so often, spending time with baby and playing some games instead.

However, the 4-5 year age might be perfect, as they will learn how to deal with devices before going to school. And in school our children will learn all technologies they want and chare them with other pupils.

How to introduce technology for our children?

It is important to prepare our children for digital reality step-by-step. By now there are many ways how do it it.

Step #1. Introducing smart toys

There are many smart toys and smart books for children of different ages. Some toys can make funny sounds, move and perform many actions. Choose appropriate items for your child. Usually all toys are laboratory tested and there is a special mark regarding the recommended age.

Step #2. Teaching how to deal with smart home devices

As we all ha e smart home devices, starting from programmed kettles and finishing with AI TV, you should teach your child how to deal with them. As each year our homes are becoming smarter, you can introduce interesting technologies and learn how to use them together.

Step #3. Buying personal smart gadgets

When your child is old enough, he will receive his first smart phone and probably remember that day for all his future life. Introduce smart devices and show how they make our life easier. Technology is created for humans to solve our every day problems. You child should get this idea very clear. It is not only for entertainment.

So these are our idea, which will help your child to make his first steps in technological world!

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