Maria Waren

Maria is a person with great knowledge and hobbies in life. As a teenager, she was fond of design, and later worked as a consultant in the field of social marketing. She has several successful financial startups where she worked as a marketer. Since 2015, she has become actively interested in artificial intelligence and its potential for society. Since 2016 she has been involved in projects related to neural networks, and since the end of 2017 Maria is in our team.

Marketing for Mary is not just professional and targeted advertising. She tries to go deeply  at the root of the question, trying to find out more. Even in some technical matters, she understands well. Varin loves his work not only for ideas and adrenaline, but also for the opportunity to tell simply and clearly about things that change the world.

There are more than 3,000 languages in the world, but there is one that can be understood by anyone on Earth. The language of opportunity and well-being is universal. We all want to get the best conditions, to be healthy. The role of technology today is hard to overestimate, but their capabilities are increasing. We try to work a lot to integrate neural networks into medical diagnostics. Technology must give equal opportunity to everyone.

A rare person will be able to understand the mass of issues of a large project and a rare person can simply explain the main truths and advantages of a new technology in plain language. Varin of such people. She is inspired by the future and the possibilities of technology, which makes her work pleasant and easy.

Maria’s working day begins with reading world news about work and the success of AI in medicine. Maria has access to some of the company’s research and is always aware of how things are going. This is how a clear understanding of our current position in the technology world is formed. The collected data allows us to talk about our project simply, but deeply.

A workaholic and a person with an inquisitive mind, she is a frequent guest in R & D departments and communicates a lot with experts from our team. She has a light temper and an innate ability to attract people.

Mary has a friend. She tries to travel a lot, which she partly manages on numerous business trips, where the company sends her. He is fond of photography and meditation.

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