Machine learning engineer is the top job of 2019

As stated by a review from the job seeking site Indeed, machine learning engineer is the top job of 2019 this is attributable to the raise in the demand and high wages associated to it.

The job possesses a pleasant current average of wages at $146,085 and it raised of a 344% the past year

Generally speaking, the technical job keeps being the good choice. Indeed, made a list of the top 25 job for 2019 in their review and among these, nine are technical positions.

Job like software developer keeps ranking in at the top of the list owing to a big market demand, however machine learning engineer positions reached the first rank because of higher wages and faster development

Another position linked to the AI field is ranking at 13 place in the list. « Computer Vision Engineer » has an even higher average wage than machine learning engineer with $158,303 but is placed lower owing to the slower development rate at 116%

The full list from Indeed review can be found here

Owing to the growth of use of AI within firms’ operating, the reviews forecast this increase to keep accelerating in the future.

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