Little rain stills a great wind. Digest about our company

If anyone could look from the sky down to the ground, what difference would he notice between the works of people on the one hand and the bees and ants on the other hand!

(Aulus Cornelius Celsus)

Dear friends, our company really looks like an anthill, where every employee does his job and works strenuously. In the world of fierce competition, we cannot clear up all the details of our new achievements and our internal working. But as a company open to people, we continue to share news with you. We will try to tell you a lot about the company in this article.

Same as before, we work in several areas of focus. We continue to test and improve the beta versions of our products – diagnostic systems based on artificial intelligence for oncology and cardiology. This is the core of our project and the largest part of our team is engaged in precisely these developments.

We are testing our future blockchain platform for public investment in our start-up. Our marketing department actively works with enthusiasts and our potential clients. However, very soon we will begin receiving funds at the preliminary stage of investment in our start-up. Simple form and momentary payment will allow anyone to invest their money.

Little rain stills a great wind. Digest about our company

Maria and Abigail are always opened to the public who are interested in our developments, not only in specialized communities, but also in public social networks. It is important to tell clients about the technical capabilities and features of our products, in some way about their revolutionism. But it is also important to explain that, thanks to the company policy and the long-standing decision of our CEO Greg, investments in such a large-scale project as ours will be available to everyone. This rarely happens in large companies, when usually only a few people who have contributed most of the capital are investors.

In our project, the persent of additional public investment will be at least 40% of the amount of fixed capital, the fund of which is formed today by the majority investors.

Successful formula for a start-up at the early stages is 1% of sales and 99% of communication. Before the pre-sale stage, Maria and Abigail are working under no timeline, trying to give irrefragable answers and to talk about new issues.

We believe that an important communication channel is to hold contests. For many people on our planet, this is an opportunity through receiving a cash bonus to learn more about the new technology and this opportunity opens up for everyone. Every month we try to launch contests using different platforms. So, in March, our corporate blog was chosen as the main platform for promotion, and in April the contest is held on Instagram page.

Little rain stills a great wind. Digest about our company

We inform about our readiness to pre-sale for investing in our company even minimal funds with the ability to pay not only with fiat funds, but also with cryptocurrency. At this stage investments are insured by a common fund in the amount of 50,000 US dollars, which quarter-on-quarter we will increase.

The next stage is the launch of the investment platform on the blockchain. Such development can be hold in three fundamentally different lines. Can clone it, use the open source of the created systems and partially change the code. As a rule, such solutions are quite universal, but therein lies their defect. The second variant is to create a new system from scratch, taking into account the peculiarities of the business model. For the investment platform, we chose the “golden mean” using the Graphene platform. The system is currently passing a test.

Graphene platform, firstly, meets the high requirements for speed and reliability. The time of formation of transactions is more than 10,000 per minute, and the time of formation of one module is less than 3 seconds. This will allow you to instantly conduct transactions when selling project’s tokens, and will allow quickly accept payments as well. Such development is more laborious than its analogue on Etherium platform, but it is worth the time spent.

In addition to choosing a platform, the important stages of implementing a blockchain project are the creation of a business model and its implementation in an application. Our programmers, financial analysts of the company and invited investment expert toil at the task. We are confident the platform will become a convenient and reliable tool for investing in our developments in the field of artificial intelligence in medicine.

Little rain stills a great wind. Digest about our company

Greg is right now in New York at AI Conference New York – a major profile event, where the promotion of humane artificial intelligence is becoming one of the main topics of this year.

Today, AI is widely covered in the mass media, large communities of technology enthusiasts are forming, ordinary people will learn more about it. It is obvious AI will fundamentally change our life in the near future. The extent to which a machine can make decisions for us, who and how determines values and priorities in machine learning, who is responsible in case of an error, is only part of the important questions that humanity must answer.

Ethical issues are particularly relevant where AI works in the foreground. Many medical centres today resort to the use of neurostey, for example, in cardiology when deciphering cardiograms, the system shows good results in x-ray. Platforms based on AI are possible where there are large number of digitized data. With the help of such material and with specialists involvement, machines can be trained.

Medical mistake is costly. The influence of external factors on the doctor, stress, fatigue or lack of qualifications lead in 10-30% of cases to the formulation of an incorrect or incomplete diagnosis. Neural network today can reduce this risk by tens of percent. At the same time, the control system in the neural network, the integration of auxiliary algorithms is the subject of work of many world teams.

What else would like to say in this digest. Our company has a few simple rules: be open to the new, do not be afraid to take the next step, constantly learn. We would like these rules to become part of the lives of our subscribers and clients. The world is amazing and is fraught with not only difficult challenges, but also opportunities.

Often, we do not see what is beyond the horizon of our life. But you only need to reach this horizon in order to see new perspectives, new goals and experience new desires.

Little rain stills a great wind. Digest about our company

Our team is open to your questions, wishes and opinions. You can write to us on technical questions and on the issues of cooperation here: …

Regarding investments, please send messages to this address: …

We wait! We will answer everyone.

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