JETCO will provide access to more than 200 APIs from 13 banks

Hong Kong’s JETCO is an international ATM that announced the launch of its APIX exchange platform. APIX provides access to over 200 APIs from 13 banks. Supported banking services include deposit, Forex services, loans, investments, insurance, currency storage, and more.

Angus Choi, CEO of JETCO, said: “Open banking is a global trend that will foster innovation and increase the competitiveness of the financial industry.”

JETCO APIX allows banks to connect with third-party service providers and easily exchange information about products and services through API integration – this will significantly reduce the time required to build business relationships. It will also significantly accelerate the growth of the Hong Kong economy.

In the future, we will focus on expanding our cooperation with third-party service providers, helping them connect to the bank’s platforms so that consumers can receive more universal services and improve customer service. “

Open sharing is built using the IBM Connect API and, therefore, includes API management capabilities, high security and a feature-rich platform for developers.

Banks that provide APIs include Bank of East Asia, Bank of Communications (Hong Kong), Citibank, China Construction Bank, Bank Chong Hing, International Bank CITIC, International Bank Wing Lung, Dah Sing Bank, Bank Fubon (Hong Kong). ), ICBC (Asia), OCBC Wing Hang Bank, State Bank (Hong Kong) and Shanghai Commercial Bank.

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