Invest in technology. Be trendy

Technologies are growing very fast

… no, fantastically fast. If the industrial revolution reached its apogee for several decades, today a great discovery is made every year, and a new technology firmly enter in our lives. Chemists are waiting for forthcoming in a while of a quantum computer for creating new molecules, a genetic passport is developing, which will be able to show the probability of pathology already at birth, a liquid biopsy and robots, which occupy more and more positions in medical institutions.

And this is not fantasy, it’s our close future. Behind this projects there are serious teams and big investments.

In the company IMD we are setting goals for today and committed in the creation of diagnostic medical systems. Five years ago, this kind of projects also were in the futuristic list. But today, thanks to large arrays of digitized medical data, these are real developments which show good results in practice. In cardiology or oncology suchlike systems are used by various clinics and hospitals around the world.

Today “ИИ” cannot replace a doctor, but it is becoming a reliable assistant in making difficult decisions exactly now.

Why are we dealing with such projects?

The answer in the same time is complex (difficult) and simple. Our team is enthusiast. We are specialists from different areas, but we are united by the desire to open new horizons. Our whole life, often 24 hours a day, was exactly like that.

The opportunity not only to explore the possibilities of this world, but in the same time to change it for the best – this is what has been cheering our team for several years.

History knows many discoveries and inventions which have not been accepted by mankind. Artificial intelligence distinguishes among other technologies its practical orientation. Recent trends – “ИИ” and blockchain open for people new opportunities, their need is due to the time in which we live.

Invest in technology. Be trendy

In the modern world among the limitations and lack of freedom, the deception and sometimes waste of the most precious in the 21st century – time, the blockchain will make this world safer and freer. People, which poison our lives, sell to us fake items, steal our datas and hack our credit cards, will have harder life. Any identification or verification of documents will take a few minutes, domestic issues will be solved without human intervention. It is not this freedom bequeathed to us in the Bible, not the message to the basic commandments that “man is created in the image and likeness … man is God.”

It is not confirm the philosophical postulate that human should be free?

Blockchain tasks are global

Artificial intelligence allows us to solve industry-specific problems. Every day when we come to work, we again and again realize that we are engaged not only in business, we do important work. Work, which makes medical diagnostics less expensive, accessible anywhere in the world and better quality, deserves respect. Medical diagnostics is the key to successful treatment. All along the year in the world dozens of thousands of people die only because of the mistakes of doctors, hundreds of thousands receive inappropriate treatment. Basically for many people in poor countries, timely, high-quality diagnostics are not available today.

Invest in technology. Be trendy

Today it is trendy to talk about equal opportunities. In reality, such opportunities   are very rare in the world. Artificial intelligence gives hope to many millions of inhabitants on our planet. Every day we are fulfilled about the fact that inch by inch, we are bringing humanity closer to a kinder and brighter future.

To give opportunities in the modern world means to provide them with technologies. Technologies are simple, clear, safe and fast. This is why our developers chose Graphene platform for the investment platform.

Development on this platform is more complicated than, for example, on Etherium. However, Graphene has several advantages.

And above all, this is performance high reliability of transactions, which is very important for ensuring investment activity.

Invest in technology. Be trendy

Graphene allows to do transactions up to 10,682 per second and has small blocks. Thus, the system is able to confirm a transaction in 1 second.

This kind of a platform will allow a large number of investors to invest even minimal amounts in our development without failures and waiting. Each our partner will have an access to a quality investment platform, regardless of the size of the investment.

We open several possibilities to increase affiliate capital. One of them is to collect investments for the development of an affiliate platform on the blockchain — platforms for future investments in our developments. Investments in the development of the platform itself will be available from a minimum amount of $ 10.

The announcement the start of the first phase of fees will be posted by our team on our official resources soon. Write to us and ask questions – our support service works 24/7.

Today for decoding ECG machine our systems show an accuracy more than 96% for all cases tested. Our systems automatically compare the patient’s X-ray image with tens of thousands of similar cases and signal to the doctor if necessary to do additional tests, the presence of particular suspicions.

Each doctor wants to do his job well. But stress, fatigue, and sometimes the lack of proper training and knowledge – yes, doctor may not know much – affect the result. Technological assistant will save  more time for communications with the patient, it is confidence in their conclusions, and the most important thing a healthy life gifted.

That is why we call “ИИ” the technology of personal happiness.

Our company relies on neural networks, because this technology will stay in history, the same way how it enters in our daily life. We work and develop what makes us and all people happier.

Invest in technology. Be trendy

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