New digital technologies are rapidly developing, and there are interesting facts, how they have influenced modern medicine, which has been digitalized in certain way. Newly introduced Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality are now being tested in medicine laboratories. Check out how modern medicine can look like in the near future.

Digital Realities in action

By now the most spread digital technologies are these:

  • VR (Virtual Reality)
  • AR (Augmented Reality)
  • MR (Mixed Reality)

VR places the person in totally simulated world. AR shows virtual objects, which can be added to real life places with the help of smart screens. MR stands between Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, it is represented for example by Microsoft HoloLens.

Real application in Medicine

  • Remote Surgery

By now VR helps people to communicate from different places on the world, not only making conversions and consultations, but also performing operations online. Another great technology is combination of VR and Robotics. This technology makes possible to perform remote operation with the help of Robots, who are remote controlled by surgeons. This combination of technologies gives idea, that in near future surgeons will be able to operate wherever they are.

  • Technology for learning

In some Universities Reality Technologies are already widely tested. Among them are Stanford and Dartmouth universities. Students use virtual patients, wide screens, and even Mixed reality glasses. This technologies help students to become better specialists as well as to develop modern medical science by making digital research works.

  • Smart devices

There are devices based on AR technology, like smart glasses, allowing patients with bad vision to perform tasks. There are devices based on AI technology, which help people with autism to develop social and language skills.

It’s great, that Reality technologies are applied in Medicine. They can not only increase the chances to medical success, but also help to push forward Medical Studies. Global healthcare sector is promised to change significantly in the next 10 years, by delivering more quality and reduce costs. Sounds rather optimistic, doesn’t it?

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