It is obvious that today each sphere is upgraded with Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning technologies. So what about cars and automotive industry? It is not only about bringing Tesla and self-driving vehicles, it is much more! Check our Top selected facts below!

Fact #1. AI driver

Of course, the 1st smart feature is driving mode in our cars, which is intellectually controlled. There are technologies, which are created to make your vehicle park by itself, as well as drive or recognize objects from different side and select the driving mode according to weather conditions.

Fact #2. Self-drive vehicles

The technology of self-drive cars is already launched and there are ideas to test it on taxi. Smart devices can analyze road situation and perform needed actions according to their program. Basically, they are big remote controlled vehicles.

Fact #3. Intellectual data analysis

The idea is to make cars collect everyday data and implement everything in programs, helping people to use their cars. These are some of such smart features:

  • Frequently used routes
  • Smart fuel control
  • Optimal speed selection
  • Road situation analysis
  • Smart advices

Such functions will help us to use our cars efficiently and save time.

Fact #4.  Voice control

The technology is rapidly growing in all spheres and it is not surprising, that soon we will be able to talk with our cars, using personal assistant like Siri or Alexa.

Fact #5. Security features

The Artificial Intelligence makes it possible to introduce driver recognition technology. Car can recognize the driver and react accordingly. Another feature is driver monitoring, which helps to control the driver and analyze his behavior. This might help to prevent driver falling asleep while driving.

These are just some selected facts, there are much more to investigate about AI and ML in automotive industry. To end up this article, we would like to mention one fact: Experts predict that the value of AI in automotive industry will exceed $10.73 billion by 2024! Sounds crazy, but seems to be true, and what do you think about it?

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