Greg Blazer

Greg has an MBA in project management in health science. He is young and ambitious, has all the leadership skills: deep knowledge of the industry, confidence and the will to win.

Blazer has several successful medical projects in the management of private clinics and department management at a large hospital. Since 2011, he began to actively explore the possibilities of neural networks. It was a period of limited technology’s capacity in medicine. The information had to be compiled at international conferences, in which Greg participated at that time at his own charge.

Neural networks – a new technology requires not only knowledge, but a good vision of prospects. There are may be a lot of ideas, but the unclaimed product will not produce a profit to the company. He uses his experience in project management and knowledge of the work of artificial intelligence to develop of Intelligent Medical Developments company’s projects.

Greg’s job is to monitor the work of the departments daily and find the best solutions based on the market situation. In the company’s work, a balance must be striked between the proposals of the R & D department, marketing, and expert opinions on a particular issue. The role of a wise mentor and arbitrator is a difficult but necessary job for the CEO. It is very important to provide routine work well, and to clearly see the goals, to march confidently towards to them.

Blazer is a person open to communication, interested and respecting the opinion of an opponent. A high level of professional training and accumulated experience gives him the opportunity to find weighty arguments in any discussion. It is a pleasure to work with him.  He takes decisions firmly and can get his own way. He has a developed intuition, which often helped our team in choosing the path.

Not infrequently, major IT companies are quite closed to ordinary people. However, Greg sees his meaningful role in promoting new technologies. That is why from 2019 the opportunity to invest in the company will be open to all. On his initiative, the marketing department is engaged in supporting a large number of informational platforms for communication with enthusiasts in the field of artificial intelligence.

Greg has a girlfriend. He is a little shocked and at first glance, it may seem that he looks down on the world, but we know he has a tender heart.

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