“Good vacation” – efficient company

We talk a lot about the projects of our company and its prospects, we introduced you to our team, but we receive letters asking you to talk more about what is happening inside the company.

Well, we will try to pay more attention to this and today we will talk about how we treat vacation.

Our “anthill”, as we call ourselves, works a lot, but the attitude to rest in our company is special. Everyone loves to rest, but we approach this issue from the point of view of efficiency in work.

“Good vacation” - efficient company

For ourselves, we single out several factors why everyone needs a vacation:

  1. Reducing the risk of heart attack in men by 30%, in women by almost 50%. A company that develops systems to detect myocardial infarction and a number of other diseases of the cardiovascular system is obliged to monitor the health of its employees!
  2. Rest restores peace and gives energy. It is especially important to gain new strength for inspiration when communicating with people. It is for this reason that our editor, Maria, is now in Southeast Asia. We are open to any questions and requests. All of them are processed and we try to give an answer to everyone. At the same time, we understand how difficult this work is.
  3. Checked on the example of our SEO – the head manages the company more efficiently after the holidays. Words like “so many things, I do not have time for this,” we will honestly tell you not quite and not always true. An effective manager intelligently distributes authority, which means the company develops without the need to wind up kilometers, visiting departments and offices. And a rested manager is a charge of positive and new ideas, which is always good for a company.

The total vacation period for any of our employees is one month, which he must divide into two equal parts and use within a calendar year. The company pays for flights to anywhere in the world, but the choice of a place is your own and each time the place must be new.

“Good vacation” - efficient company
Young woman with laptop on the tropical beach

Even in such things, we try to pursue our policy of openness. During the holidays, our employee becomes the company’s ambassador in the host country, communicates with people.

“Good vacation” - efficient company

Now our editor is in Thailand, which slightly affected the frequency of our materials. We think you noticed it. At the same time, Mary fulfills an important mission and is inspired by nature and communication. And the company will soon reach the previous level of publications and answers for you.

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