Gerald Ferguson

The success of a doctor is distinguished from the success of an artist or painter. You cannot wake up one day and feel like a star. Medical success is experience, hard work and the ability to respond to any challenges. His patients and colleagues determine the doctor’s success.

About Gerald, it seems fair to say he is successful. He is a person who is passionate about his work, has been engaged in it for over 10 years and is capable of looking to the future.

Ferguson is an active person and is looking for new opportunities. During his college years, he was a participant in experience exchange programs with medical universities in other countries, was in the medical community and taken part in social projects. For the time of his work, he contributed more than 30 scientific articles. Gerald has always been distinguished by helpfulness. We think this is the reason he chose oncology. This is a complicated field of medicine, where answers to many questions have not yet been found. This area has always needed searching and thoughtful professionals.

Today he belongs to our team and takes up the issue of introduction of neural networks in medicine. Gerald is responsible for the quality of diagnostic algorithms based on artificial intelligence in chest X-ray. Such algorithms will not only significantly reduce the analysis time, but also level the influence of the human factor, take into account a number of specific features. All of these things will allow us to give the best therapy to each patient and diagnose pathologies in the early stages.

Today any diagnosis is a kind of an algorithm; a doctor must go all the way: a survey and examination of the patient, pathology and hardware report. Only after capture data, can set about the conclusion – make a diagnosis. If a person is able to string dozens of logical chains, and choose the most accurate chain, then how to teach a machinery to do this? In this case, a teacher – an experienced doctor come to assistance to a student – artificial intelligence. Of the thousands of images needed for training the neural network, the doctor works out the analysis of each along with the program. The doctor together with the program makes the analysis of each of the thousands of images necessary for training the neural network. It is necessary to verify the correctness of the X-ray’s interpretation, remove mistakes, shape goals and request solutions from the development department. Every time in case of it fails, everything repeats over and over again. Every detail is important, but each protocol is a new stepping-stone to victory.

This is the kind Ferguson’s work and we are glad such a person is part of our team

Gerald is married, he has a dog and he is a fan of hiking. Especially that his native state’s nature allows him to enjoy the landscapes the year round.

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