Who could imagine, than today in big cities almost every second person is wearing glasses or contact lenses? Even children tend to have problems with eyes since being very young. That’s absolutely not surprising, because our eyes experience high tension at both schools and universities, and now we spend 24h in front of the screens. We are not saying a word about stress and bad ecology. Obviously, this will be the biggest problem which modern surgery will have to solve. Let’s see, what means are available nowadays for those who don’t like glasses or can’t tolerate contacts.

Modern eye surgery

Modern eye surgery has made a big step forward, proposing to solve problems with astigmatism, nearsightedness and farsightedness. Considering the rising needs for eye operations, there is a wide spectrum to choose.

LASIK eye surgery

LASIK, which is laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis, is the modern laser eye surgery. It minimizes pain after the procedure, making the recover time up to several days. Operation itself is easy.

Multifocal lenses

This operation is specially made for people with cataract. Usually it concerns those who are over 70s. During operation special lenses are implanted in the eye depending on the patients situation. Though lenses will help to make vision better, patient will yet need glasses.

Intraocar lens

The operation includes supplemental intraocular lens, which helps to correct refractive errors. The operation usually take time to get ready and is carried out very specifically. It can be very effective for those who has extreme refractive errors.

The eye vision surgery is very young and now it is rapidly developing as there is a strong demand on the market. According to statistics, over 70% of Americans use eye correction means. That’s not great news, but experts predict that figures will grow dramatically in the next few years. AI and ML specialists are working to implement modern technologies which would help to bust the eye medicine to new level, helping to stabilize eye sight, if not to make it better in a natural way.

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