Fitness trainer of a new generation for WearOS – Google announced a new project based on AI

The largest global company does not stop trying to surprise their consumers. For its smart watch, WearOS Google decided to develop a unique fitness trainer with elements of artificial intelligence. It is because of the fitness programs that many people prefer smart watches, and the synchronization with the smartphone is also very attractive.

Google is in a hurry and does not lag behind its main competitor – the “apple” company, which has placed in its watch some excellent features for fitness. The latest, most striking in their capabilities can be called the management of sports equipment with Apple Watch – you can activate the work of a treadmill or other simulator, as well as view statistics, compare indicators and results of each workout.

Google’s ambitions for fitness for the smartwatch platform have been slightly more simplistic, although this may change.

Android Police reports on the development of a health app called Google Coach.

Google’s SmartWatch platform was much inferior to Apple in many ways. But it was until recently. Today, the company is developing a unique product for fitness and health. The project has already received a name, as reported by Android Police. The application is called Google Coach and includes AI elements. Thanks to such opportunities, the program will be able to create individual programs for a person, which must be carried out during each day. In addition, each plan of work on their health and fitness classes will differ from the prevailing circumstances. If the host for some reason missed classes in the gym, the application will find an alternative option that can be a worthy replacement for the missed exercises. At the same time, the program will make a convenient schedule, after analyzing the appointments scheduled in your calendar, and select the optimal schedule for sports. So the owner will not miss a single workout.

In addition, an assistant with Google’s AI will provide nutritional advice for better results with its host. So, if during the day you consumed foods rich in cholesterol, and in the evening went to have a high-calorie burger, the program will try to discourage you from this venture, offering more healthy and less high-calorie dishes from the menu. How persistent the assistant is is not yet known.

Another good news from Google Coach is that such a smart assistant is available not only on WearOS. The application is also being developed for smartphones, and some functionality (not all of it) will go into the dynamics of Google Home.

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