If you have money which you are planning to invest, yet not completely sure about the investment market, we are here to help you! We hope our ideas will help to create vision of investment sphere in 2019.

Key ideas

  • Investment sphere is wide, and it’s worth trying different niches
  • Specific knowledge is required in case of each individual strategy & product
  • Use 10-20% of your total money income for investment

Basically, investment is a certain amount of money which is put in some product to have benefits from it. The result can’t be 100% predictable, but it can be estimated using analytical approach. One can invest in a wide range of products:

  • Bonds
  • Investment funds
  • Retirement
  • Real Estate
  • Valuable & Antique products

However, this product list can be almost endless. It’s more convenient to classify the investments depending on their risks and return. And more interesting of course.

Low risk investments with 5-7% annual profit

Real invest development is classically believed to be among conservative investment means. It will save your money, bring profit, though not so high and not so fast. There are also possibility to start dealing with commercial real estate, which can be more profitable. Usually it requires good managing skills, but the starting amount of money has to be rather high.

Middle risk investments with 10-15 % annual profit

Considering 10-15 % profit, which is not so high, yet is still not bad. We can turn to such kind of products:

  • Bank proposals
  • Money market funds
  • Credit card rewards
  • Saving accounts

Basically, a large number of investments are bank products, which give good guaranties. The big plus is that you don’t need to have big savings, you can start even with 10-20% of your salary.

High risk investments with 100-1,000 % annual profit

For those, who want to become billionaires and ASAP, there are other financial instruments. Initial public offers (IPOs), currency trading, speculative option plays – these are just some examples of high risk operations. You can double your money or lose them all. That’s why it is preferable to invest around 5-8% of income in such products.

Make careful estimation of your income, analyze it precisely before starting any investment program. If your strategy will meet your needs the success is rather high! Good luck!

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