Facebook is investing 7.5 million dollars in an independent center of ethics AI

An independent ethics research center for AI will receive $ 7.5 million from Facebook. The new research center is called the Institute of Ethics in the field of artificial intelligence – it was created in collaboration with the Technical University of Munich (TUM).

Facebook, like many other companies, is extremely concerned about the potential impact of AI on society – the center should help Facebook follow the latest ethics on this issue.

Joaquin Quinonero Candela, director of Applied Machine Learning on Facebook, wrote on his blog: “On Facebook, ensuring responsible and thoughtful use of AI is fundamental to everything we do – from the data labels we use to the individual algorithms we create and systems of which they are part.

We are developing new tools — such as Fairness Flow — that can help create metrics for assessing the presence of unintended bias in certain models. We also work with groups such as the Partnership for AI, one of the founders of which is Facebook.

However, AI has set itself challenging tasks that one industry cannot solve – an independent academic assessment of this institution will play a crucial role in promoting ethical research on these topics. “The institute will conduct independent, evidence-based research to ensure understanding and guidance for society, industry, the legislature, etc. In addition, the institute wants to specifically address issues related to AI – for example, security, confidentiality, fairness and transparency spine.

Dr. Christoph Lyutge, a TUM professor and head of the institute, commented:

“At the TUM Institute for the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence, we will study the ethical issues of AI and develop ethical guidelines for the responsible use of technology in society and the economy. Our evidence-based study will focus on issues that lie at the intersection of technology and human values. Key issues arise with respect to trust, confidentiality, fairness, or integration, for example, when people leave traces of data on the Internet or obtain certain information using algorithms. We will also deal with transparency and accountability, for example, in medical treatment scenarios or with rights and autonomy when a person makes decisions in situations of human interaction with AI.”

AI can be of great benefit in the world by improving things like health care, productivity, and even lifestyle. On the other hand, it can have devastating consequences – if you use them for military purposes or to replace human labor, the consequences can be unpredictable.

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