Robotic Technologies are widely used in Medical Treatment and today we found something very special! Meet small Epidermal Robot, which is still a developing technology, yet scientists already see big future in these small smart technical creatures. Epidermal Robots relate to Epidermal Robotic Science, which aims to study Body & Robot interactions, bringing significant improvements to modern medicine.

Essential idea

For the first time this idea was represented by MIT students, who represented wearable Epidermal Robots, that climbed one’s skin and captured large range of body parameters. Researches call it SkinBot, a 2x4x2 sm. size two-legged smart machine. It has 3 basic functions:

  • Measuring body biopotentials (passing electrocardiography). It is carried out through modified suction cups served as electrodes.
  • Skin imaging (showing skin problems & abnormalities). Micro camera is mounted into robot body so it can pass skin image to full screen monitors.
  • Analyzing body vibrations (checking subtle cardiorespiratory activity)

6-axis accelerometer and gyroscope help catching and transmitting any essential changes of body.

Apart from these basic functions, robot can test elasticity using pressure sensors in different locations and analyze data at the same time. Scientists represent this technology together with digital 3D image application, making virtual model based on collected data.

How was idea born?

Researchers say that when patient comes to the doctor, doctor can take only one analysis after another. In order to save time and improve treatment they got the idea of creating smart robot, which has possibility to do several action simultaneously, giving great opportunity to get a functional 3D model with major characteristic shortly.

Future for technology

Though the project is still under research and there are already many versions of SkinBot by now, this idea definitely will be applicable in future medical treatments. Robotic smart technology, which can shortly represent a full body virtual model, can lead to the next step in digital medicine. It can give great opportunity to safe time of patient and efforts of doctors.

None of us can be sure, when SkinBot will start being widely used in medical world, maybe tomorrow or maybe in 10 years. What we definitely see is positive dynamics, showing that researches are working every day to succeed! Let’s hope to witness great changes ASAP!

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