Every year technology is becoming more and more complex, we are facing new technologies, upgraded hard and soft ware are starting to be used. We see positive moves only, but let’s not forget that everything always has both good and bad sides. The technological run for innovations is so uncontrollably fast, that it will inevitably lead to critical system collapses. Here is the overview of most likely apocalyptic prognoses, which might happen.

Doomsday 1. Crash of Internet

Though the correct work of our global network is guaranteed of million servers and billion of people worldwide, the possibility of catastrophe is possible. Though experts argue that Internet is crushproof, it is bombarded by tones of information every single second, and the crash possibility is rather high. One should remember, that break down of some major chains might cause the dramatic crash of all system.

Doomsday 2. Massive Cyber attach

Cyber hackers are getting skilled and also upgrade their skills. Today ordinary person is turning into active user, which is obviously the technological side effect – we are getting more addicted to technologies, turning to them 24h. Cyber hackers can use this in their interests. They might organize some massive attach on servers as well as crash the work of whole systems. The question is basically what they will decide to start with?

Doomsday 3. Genius Virus

Though by now we have almost forgotten about viruses, thanks to good protection programs, but one should not deny the possibility of appearance of such advanced virus, that can disable all internet and connected devices. Oh yes! We are living in the internet of things, cross connecting our smart phones with cloud services, using smart watch and voice helpers. The Genius Virus can collapse all internet of things, clearing all data away… Sounds creepy, remember to make back ups.

Doomsday 4. Data Collapse

We are taking pictures, writing essays, making videos, creating content, and SUPER much more! And this is done almost by every second person on the Earth! Can you imagine the scales of information produced by humankind each second? The problem of data storage exists already, that’s why the alternative cloud services are appearing. But the space is endless, and we are to face one day the space shortage for sure.

Doomsday 5.

The last but not the list is Robot revolution. It is one of the favorite topics for movies, but we should admit that AI and ML studies have made big steps forward. How much time human will be able to control machines? Probably, that’s just a matter of time.

That’s it. Some scenarios of apocalyptical tech future seem to be like this. Life is unpredictable, so let’s just hope neither of them will really happen.

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