Dear friend!

Dear friend!

We remind you, that 28 February 2019 our regular competition will be finished.

We are happy to see new participants and new friends in our community. It was very important for us to get this experience. It was a pleasure to receive not only letters with the reports, but also with ideas and proposals how to improve our communication with you. Our team will try to consider everything.

Everything has the end and the beginning, so we should to sum up the results. They will be announced 5 March 2019. Request for those people, who didn’t manage to send their reports, to send them by e-mail: [email protected] till midnight 28 February 2019.

Our team wishes you good luck! It’s wonderful, to do big affairs together!

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  1. Li Meili

    Dear friends!

    We are faced with a difficult, but pleasant situation for us. The stream of your emails with reports has increased several times.

    The company headquarters decided to prolong the deadline for accepting letters by on March 11, 2019. Contest results will be announced on March 19, 2019.

    Good luck everyone! And there will be no more extensions of the time limit!)) :idea: :idea: :idea:

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