Cryptoptia released information on Twitter

Finally breaking their silence, Cryptoptia released information on Twitter, Wednesday. Most remarkable, the company communicated on the amount of digital currency stolen during the cyber-attack.

“We are continuing to work on assessing the impact incurred as a result of the hack in January. Currently, we have calculated that worst case 9.4% of our total holdings was stolen.”

Still, the exact amount of money lost was not released

Cryptoptia went down on January 15, mentioning a security breach leading to massive losses. The company did not provide any piece of information at that time, not commenting on the topic until the end of New Zealand’s police investigation.

In the aftermath of the hack, a blockchain company estimated to around $16 million worth of Ether and ERC-20 token were lost.

Surprisingly, the cyber-pirates kept the control over the exchange despite the police involvement. Thus, 1,675 Ether from 17,000 wallets went missing which is around $181,000.

As reported by Cryptoptia on Twitter, the cryptocurrency exchange is working a making safer every single wallet before resuming the trading service.

Cryptoptia warned

“As a result of the new wallets please immediately refrain from depositing funds into old Cryptopia addresses. We have more updates to come tomorrow, keep an eye on our page.”

It is expected to have an exhaustive control of Cryptoptia’s site by the mid of the month said the New Zealand Police on February 7th. The company confirmed they gave access to their premises to Police in the frame of the investigation on February 14th

Detective Greg Murton from New Zealand Police, said:

“The focus is on identifying those behind this offending and retrieving the stolen cryptocurrency. This investigation is expected to take a considerable amount of time to resolve due to the complexity of the cyber environment.”

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