Although the winter 2019 is not finished yet, crypto specialists already predict positive dynamics for the market. The long lasting crypto winter is finally coming to end! After Google officially has added the symbol of Bitcoin, even most skeptical people start to change their opinion. And their investment strategies, too. Yet, let’s have a look at FAQs existing on crypto market today.

Can BTC rise high reaching very top?

Though the BTC dynamics are rising up to $4.000 today, it seems to be rather weak by now. Spring promises us fresh news and pleasant figures. Still how much BTC can grow will be obvious during 1-2 months. Experts say that BTC evolution will start in 2021. But we are living today, so better keep being pragmatic.

What growth will show ATL?

As a rule, altcoins are following bitcoins in their dynamics. With BTC growth ALT starts moving up, too. As this spring is promising to show real growth for all crypto market, we can expect to see it in ALT as well.

Is it still good time to enter crypto market?

The answer is 50/50. It was optimal period 2-3 months ago to enter the crypto market, when BTC level was low. What stands for now, it is rather arguable question. Experts promise significant market growth in April and May, so probably you still have time to buy some crypto in March.

What crypto coins should be considered?

Usually the strategies for BTC and ALT differ. BTC is more stable, where as ALT is more chaotic. If you want to invest in ALT, you can check Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin, as they are still among the most popular.

Can we expect to see $5,000 BTC level?

Absolutely yes! Practically everyone is waiting to see the next steps on BTC, which should show the rising dynamics. However, during spring the level can remain between $5,000 – $6,000.

Why is upcoming spring important for crypto world?

The results, which BTC & ALT will reach during this spring will definitely point our upcoming future and next levels. Basically spring will show us what will happen next.

Here we go! The black days seem to be finished and we can feel the first positive moves! However, how much they will be positive we will find out later, when summer will be coming. Stay crypto tuned  with us!

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