Box’s “Skills Kit” is a tool for creating user-defined integration of artificial intelligence

The service delivery service, which allows you to manage cloud content and share access to files, in California said that soon its developed platform called the Skills Kit will be available for use to all customers. From the end of 2018, now everyone will be able to integrate AI in order to independently interact with the stored information. Prior to this, only organizations and developers could use this product.

For the first time, Box Skills was heard about the frame two years ago – in 2017. In parallel with the creation of the frame, the developers created additional software called the “Box Skills Kit”. This addition is a special tool that allows companies to create standalone versions for AI integrations. The unique system has attracted the attention of giants such as Google, Microsoft, IBM, AIM Consulting and Deloitte.

Jitu Patel in one of his interviews noted: “The use of artificial intelligence opens up incredible opportunities and can bring to life any, even the most daring idea. It was for this that we created Box Skills so that corporate content could have access to AI.” Director of Product Box is confident that this technology is just beginning its development path.

One of the first who used the capabilities of the presented tools in their work was the company producing Remy Cointreau perfume. The basic skill Box took the basis of automatic matching of metadata with the loaded images. Subsequently, it was modified so that it identifies each individual product of the company in the presented images. This made it easier to work with images – they are sorted into separate folders. After system implementation, verification and human interaction are no longer needed.

The company also revealed information that Box Skills has become more sophisticated. If previously only the built-in AI functions were available in it, then at the moment the platform can assume models of a user character created by other developers. For example, an organization can choose a different machine learning model – from Google Cloud AutoML, IBM Watson Studio, AWS SageMaker, Microsoft Azure, or Custom Vision. These models integrate perfectly into the existing Box platform for the use of stored data.

The good news does not end there. Updates to core automation services have been announced, allowing users to create their own scripts for repetitive workloads. As an example, the monthly automation of creating a template for marketing firms was given. It remains only to notify specific users about the start of collaboration on the new field.

The disadvantages include the fact that this innovation will help only smaller working groups, which have constantly repeated, that is, predictable tasks. More complex and unpredictable tasks are not subject to the Box platform.

A simple toolbar is suitable for data from pre-prepared scripts, since each automated process is based on the premise of “if it is, then it is.” Such automated processes are quickly designed using drop-down menus.

Box Skills has more than 20 different types of input and output, as well as options for targeting metadata, specific files or entire folders.

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