Bay Labs and Northwestern Medicine have teamed up to develop ultrasound technology based on AI

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Bay Labs, a US medical technology company, and Northwestern Medicine, a quality healthcare provider, registered their first patient in a joint study called “SHAPE: Look at the Heart with Artificial Intelligence.” “The ultrasound study is conducted under the guidance of AI and Certified Medical Assistants (CMA). This systematic study will cover about 1,200 patients in the medical institutions of the northwestern United States – including DuPage Northwestern Medicine and primary care clinics of the Regional Medical Group.

The purpose of the study is to evaluate the use of Bay Labs Echo GPS software for heart ultrasound. Medical professionals without scanning experience will be able to receive high-quality echocardiograms. It also becomes possible to promptly identify certain types of heart disease among patients aged 65 years and older who are undergoing routine physical examinations as part of primary care.

Echo GPS uses AI to help create echocardiograms, providing users with real-time guidance for capturing heart images.

Charles Cadier, co-founder and CEO of Bay Labs, said:

“The Echo GPS and Echo MD product package is of paramount importance in providing cardiovascular care in health systems. Implementing our intelligence software with in-depth training technology in clinical practice can allow physicians Non-specialists can obtain images of the heart and make clinical decisions. We believe this will lead to improved patient outcomes due to earlier detection of the disease and subsequent monitoring.”

The UK government also announced the opening of 5 centers, the purpose of which will be to use the potential benefits of AI in the health sector. New centers are located in Leeds, Glasgow, Oxford, Coventry and London – they will share their experience with partners throughout the UK. Also, AI is an important part of the government’s intended “industrial strategy”. The country invests 4.7 billion pounds over four years to solve problems and challenges of the future.

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