Artificial Intelligence and Implants

The implanted chips and cyborg people, which in the first parts of the Terminator looked like something unreal, are become ingrained in our life. Humanity strives to feel new sensations, to make life easier.

Today, there are several groups where biohacking is gaining momentum especially quickly:

  1. Enhance perception. Earth-quake implanted sensors report to Moon Ribas about cataclysms occurring in different parts of the planet. The self-proclaimed man-cyborg is working on the creation of implants allow them to navigate along the cardinal directions without the using of external devices. Signals will be set to the body by vibrations, and each pole will have a specific frequency.
    Let’s imagine one day the implants will not just take the readings or feed with certain information, but using AI will be reasonable. Thus, when learning mechanical manipulations, for example, a intellectual chip will set a spectrum of signals to the muscles and determine the amplitude, power and nature of each action.
  2. Item NorthStar Implant is an example of how the human body is transformed into a digital art object using biohacking. The device is able to highlight tattoos, creating the effect of natural luminescence. You can control the backlight with magnets implanted in the fingertips.
    It can be imagined that in next to no time installations with the participation of a great many people will be controlled by a single neural network center and we will learn art that has never been possible before.
  3. Ordinary issues. Today, individual enthusiasts implant chips for the quick exchange of personal data and easy opening of the doors of their homes and accounts on the Internet. Tomorrow they see in conjunction with the Internet of things. Once body temperature rise and a decrease in the oxygen content in the inhaled air will lead to the ventilation system start up and the preparation of a refreshing cocktail.
    A frightening but delightful picture when desires are fulfilled before they are formed into a clear thought, and criminals are caught by their intentions – no longer a script for a science fiction film, but it is simply a dashing thought.
  4. Medical purposes. Grindhouse’s Circadia implant is an implant measures body temperature. Developers improve the device for the possibility of removal of additional indicators.
    The system with AI, worked in the human body and capable of not only performing an instant diagnosis, but also undertaking the first medical procedures, ordering the right medicines at home, of course, will leave doctors without work. On the other hand, perhaps many of them want to become a freelancer?

What will bring us the latest technology? Improving quality of life and joy or new diseases and internal conflicts? Much turns on those creators, pioneers who will give us new discoveries. And the future depends on all of us, people who have not forgotten who he is, a “homo sapiens”.

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