Analyzing Bitcoin / Altcoin market in early 2019s we face the same crazy and unpredictable situation as before. Each year turns out to be significant and unique for crypto currency market. Frankly speaking past 2018 was a hard year in long run, so it‘s not surprising that today many people are rather skeptical about BTC and ALT future, while others are anxiously thinking what to do with their investments.

Altcoin market is rather specific and it significantly changes from bitcoin market. Should you invest in ALT in 2019? What can we expect from them? Scroll down to find the answers to these super hot questions right now! You can decide for yourself if ALT stands for the begging of something new or it is just the final accord leading to the end.

What are the benefits of ALT market?

If we will look at ALT market from the trader point of view we will see following pros:

  • ALT is more stable
  • ALT is growing fast
  • ALT is diverse and one can choose the one he likes
  • ALT is good for both short and long strategies

Still don’t forget that ALT market is strongly affected by BTC market, it goes up or down following BTC.

How much can we earn in ALT in 2019?

Experts predicted that ALT market will be more dynamic than BTC market and there will be more potentially strong projects to pay attention. Probably speaking about exact figures will be not correct, but if you will divide your investments between 10 ALT you will have high possibilities to earn X2 or X3.

What can we expect in spring 2019?

In spring all experts believe to see the significant growth on market and launches of new projects. This is the optimistic view. The others suggest that spring will be rather constant and better to keep money for autumn.

Will we meet a new ALT?

Remembering that new ALT coin appears in stagnation periods like now, when market seems to be dead. So in coming spring we should expect to see the launches of new projects which will refresh the situation. Most likely there will witness the appearance of new Ethereum.

In short, the news are like this. Don’t bet depressed because of the situation on market, keep an eye on the situation and make money!

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