Alan Derbish

Alan is the oldest in our team and the first of the doctors who joined several years ago. Even as a student, Dr. Derbish knew he would become a cardiologist. Despite the fact there are more than 35 years of medical practice behind him, he still keeps options open. During his work, he held more than seventy seminars, including for foreign students and what is more he wrote about dozens of scientific treatises on the problems of cardiology.

For almost a century, an ECG (electrocardiogram) remains an affordable and reliable means of diagnosing the condition of the heart. ECG is an indispensable physician assistant for discriminatory diagnosis (for the most part, the pain in the heart area is not of a cardinal nature), detection of pre-infarction conditions, atherosclerosis, ischemia and many other diseases. This is a mandatory check in case of emergency conditions.

Since the beginning of the twentieth century, the principles of ECG readings and the scheme of the device has not changed much. Large databases of digitized data have been accumulated, which is exactly what the trained neural network needs for training. AI works perfectly with digitals prints obtained by ultrasonic cardiography and MRT. Alan’s task in our project as an expert is cyclic testing of each case of analysis of individual cardiac pathologies and conditions. Alan together with other specialists not only improve the work of AI, but also identifies the best algorithms for comprehensive diagnosis and analysis of incoming medical data.

Alan is a surgeon working in a team of specialists who will be engaged in the integration of AI in robotized surgical devices. These researches are the task of our R&D department and better tomorrow. With such researches, an experienced doctor is always indispensable. In-depth practical knowledge gives expert view and extensive personal experience in cardiac surgery allows to see opportunities for optimization and improvement.

Heart disease – the scourge of our time. Fast, effective and accurate diagnosis is what the doctor Derbish with our team are aiming for. With such enthusiastic as Alan is, we believe in the great prospects, in our success.

Alan’s been married for 43 years and his wife as the first day of their acquaintance. They are inseparable and travel a lot together.

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