Today Artificial Intelligent (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are making great impact almost on all spheres on our lives. But let’s remember about one sphere, we tend to forget about. That’s Security, and applying to modern digital world – Cybersecurity.

Human is creating millions of Gigabits every minute worldwide and now we are facing the question how to keep all data safe from hacker attaches? As digital scales used to be different 10-20 years ago, modern secure systems are not enough powerful to prevent hacker interference.

These are the most spread problems that will scientists and developers have to solve with the help of AI and ML in next few years.

Working with huge volumes of security data

The main benefit of smart algorithms will be that they can summarize, zip and store all data within few minutes, while for a person it will take a long time to deal with it. Plus, while working with information, AI software can detect mistakes and potential alerts.

Detecting malicious activity

Although hackers are smart and fast in their actions, the correctly developed smart system can protect information from them. The program analytics are working to provide maximum security detecting any suspicious unknown activity.

Smart data analysis

AI and Machine learning can help to operate with gigabits of information, optimizing it and giving solution to the problems. Again, in such case AI and ML have benefits over human because they are fast and they can work with huge amounts of information.

AI vs AI

One should not underestimate cyber criminals, as they can create their own AI and use it for their needs, crashing systems and stealing data. Creating Smart AI, capable to determine another AI but playing on the dark side – this will be next step in digital cyber security.

The future of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning for cyber security is obviously important today. Security engineers won’t be able to stand alone keeping all data safe. Amount of information is growing crazy and it’s crystal clear that developers will start implementing AI and ML for their security reasons. Probably, smart algorithms will be able to keep autonomously system safe on some level, giving opportunity for developers to rest a bit.

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