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Welcome! You are on the official Intelligent Medical Developments blog.

We are a team working in the medical diagnostics and neural networks field. We trust in the future of technological sciences and believe in the upcoming positive changes. And we do our best for our part. Any long journey starts with a single step.

News, articles and videos, reviews and analytics are a lot of information that you will find on our page. We publish articles not only about our work, but also analyze world trends, designs, stories of artificial intelligence successful use. On our page you will meet our team.

We want to make serious medical issues simple and understandable. We want to explain the solutions for our readers in an accessible way. We will show how IT technologies are changing the world today, how to change your life for the better and increase financial success due to cryptocurrency and blockchain. The marketing department of our project will periodically launch simple competitions. Participate in them and learn more about the world of IT-technologies, neural networks and cryptoeconomics. It is impossible to imagine the today’s IT sphere without neural networks. Today this field holds the leading role in the number of designs and investments.

The editor of our blog, Li Meili, will help you feel easy chatting with us and getting more information.

ABOUT Intelligent Medical Developments

Competent IT business operator, who has successful experience in the world’s largest investment projects is the Intelligent Medical Developments founder.

He has been thinking over several years on own business creation which would bring him a real profit. Why? Because IT industry every day has dozens of perspective areas, but there is a serious competition. It was necessary to find a niche where it would be impossible to achieve success without real knowledge and qualifications. Artificial intelligence as well as its tremendous opportunities in the medical diagnostics sector have become such a niche for Intelligent Medical Developments company.

The company basis is its staff. Each Intelligent Medical Developments employee was is a real professional in own field. The artificial intelligence expert is the main company consultant.

Cardiologist, oncologist and surgeon are responsible for the practical neural networks project introduction into medical diagnostics. The company’s staff is expanding all the time. The current stage involves  active neural networks testing in several medical areas.

All the specialists in the Intelligent Medical Developments team work with an orientation toward the overall result – large-scale neural networks implementation, a stable company’s annual profit increase. That’s why we are developing our own algorithms for machine learning all the time. Our neural networks have already been introduced into the dozens of medical and IT institutions operation around the world.

Our employees are not tied to a specific geographical point on the map. They have an opportunity to create new concepts for AI development as well as  successfully integrate them into existing projects while being anywhere in the world.

Intelligent Medical Developments believes in bright future!

Intelligent Medical Developments guarantees honesty and cooperation transparency to each its partner. We are an official company engaged in licensing.

Dozens of famous medical and IT institutions are included in our partners list. We could name some of them in order to maintain reputation and attract investors. But we’ll not do this. Why? Because we do not want to make life easier for our competitors.

Our specialists have made a lot of efforts in order to develop and present innovative projects. Intelligent Medical Developments provides the conditions which provide an opportunity for each perspective idea to have a profitable implementation as well as for every talented person to recognize own abilities.

We are always glad to welcome new partners and are ready to objectively evaluate and consider various scientific developments. We strive for stability and each our project is one more step towards financial success for the whole team.


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