Abigail Bond

Abigail graduate design faculty. She also studied journalism and creative writing. Bond is the Internet face of a company, as we often call it. The work of a social media editor is a stubborn, hours-long work at a computer. The ideas she brings and the opportunity to talk about a big project inspire her. A girl with a model appearance, but she chose an office job. She says that working in our company for her is love at first sight.

Abigail has many interests. She speaks several foreign languages. Bond conveys thoughts with simple phrases, knows how to explain complex things. Sociability and innate intelligence of Bond helps us receive prompt feedback on the project, and people can always speak with her in a simple language.

Nowadays, any company need to be in a social media. But in the fight for their customers only the best win. In the film “Social Network”, the hero of Mark Zuckerberg says: “… people want to communicate on the Internet and we need to help them with this.” Many years have passed since then and full presence on the Internet resource does not guarantee success. Only the best products  and openness help the project take a important place in people’s minds. We say that Abigail gives flavor to our dish. The main dish is our project, but the best sauce for it is the work of Abigail.

Friendly marketing, which our company preaches, excludes banal stuffing of information, news and briefs. Abigail collects and analyzes hundreds of requests every day. We need to talk about what interests our subscribers most. Every day it is important to know who we are talking with and how we can improve this communication in order to promote our products.

One of the goals of our advertising campaign is to talk about the life of our company and the people who work in it. Abigail has a lot of experience in interviewing: her stories are lively, and the characters appear in unofficial status. We want to be good companions for our subscribers. Hard work on our projects is not only victories, but also challenges that need to be overcome. Abigail – our chronicler and writes the history of the future, because we want to change it for the better.

Bond got married a year ago, when she already worked at our company. She loves reading, but is often a guest at parties in her city.

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