A startup involved in blockchain technologies

A startup involved in blockchain technologies and developed a secure solution for drones tracking and identification was rewarded with a trip to France by next week. Meeting with the main defense and aerospace companies and the startup were set up.

Wright Technologies, the blockchain startup based in Adelaide, Australia, was already in contact with Australian’s defense company in order to perform real life tests of the identification and tracking system on actual drones by the end of the year.

The Wright Tech employees are expected in France next week to meet people at famous Toulouse’s Aerospace Valley. They will have a trip in the Airbus zero-gravity flight in Bordeaux.

Co-Founder and CEO of the startup, Kosta Canatselis said:

“We’ve got some meetings scheduled with some big defense companies, and we’re hoping to establish some networks in that Aerospace Valley in Toulouse, so hopefully something comes out of it to help get the ball rolling.”

“We’re working on being able to understand what device is where with absolute certainty with something called proof-of-location.”

“In the context of air safety and security, airspaces at the moment are very closed off and restricted because of the danger of having drones there and not being able to understand where they are.”

In addition, Wright Technologies reach the final of the $100,000 Blockchain Innovation Challenge to be held next month as a stage of the ADC Global Blockchain Summit in South Australia from March 18 to 20.

Kosta Canatselis, CEO, added that his hacked-proof blokchain technology could have application in the high-value transportation field.

“With autonomy, as soon as you can start increasing the level of trust between different stakeholders you can start letting go of human interaction.”

As an immutable ledger the blockchain logs all the actions from a chain of blocks. It allows to monitor things such as a drone delivering a parcel to a house. Proving the payment and delivery were successful.

“Proof-of-location is a problem that exists — there are a few other companies trying to do it as well — but our big differentiator is that we can operate on resource-constrained devices such as drones and small devices that other competitors out there aren’t able to do.”

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