By now, main TECH market giants are already announcing launch of 5G products! It’s purely amazing, isn’t it? Next step to technological future has been done. The leaders by now are Huawei, Samsung and Qualcomm, who have integrated their flagman devices with new 5G technology. However, what is 5G, why is it so famous and why everyone is discussing it? Let’s make a precise look, as we usually do.

5G for everyone!

Though some devices are launched with implemented 5G system already now, still it is not a guarantee that it will be fully applicable in all countries. As the 5G network is just starting, some time has to pass, before the technology will be able to operate correctly. What goes for worldwide use, experts predicts that 5G will used everywhere replacing older technologies already by 2020. Well, less than a year to wait. Let’s see, how they will do it.

5G versus 4G

Between 5G and 4G is a big difference not only in 4-5 digits. Here are some features, which are believed to be among strongest for 5G:

  • High speed
  • Ensures reliability of connections
  • Eliminates delays
  • Gives connection to simultaneous devices
  • Has high secure level

5G is connecting everything

5G is planned to be so powerful, so it would be able to connect every single device with another one, making the internet of things even more comfortable for everyday user. Also, 5G can enable servers to connect between each other, exchanging information. In other words, there will be almost no limits to pass information from one smart device to another.

5G & improved security standards

5G will bring security to new level, using different security algorithms in its work. With the high speed of data exchange, it will be possible to trace the suspicious actions more effectively.

Sounds pretty cool! And one shouldn’t worry about high costs for 5G, as experts promise that the actual costs will remain the same as for 4G, if not even less. So let’s see how the situation will be developing! Soon we will witness 5G in our hands!

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