5 Gadgets To Improve Health – Check It Out Now


Practical to wear, light and rubbery, the Fitbit is tied to the pants. I’ve been using it for about three months. I realized with him that I would never reach the goal of 10,000 steps every day without beginning to engage in some physical activity. Despite having a sleep meter of its own, its operation is less sophisticated. At bedtime, the person can activate a manual chronometer, and the device analyzes from the movement, in which phase of sleep it is. It also uses your BMI (Body Mass Index) information to calculate the number of calories spent. It does not have a calorimeter, which would make the count more accurate. But you can add data on the amount of food eaten. It also works with a premium version where you pay an annuity to get access to custom reports and tips. At No Fluff Tech you will find more reviews about trending health gadgets. you will find more reviews about trending health gadgets.


Just like Fitbit, BodyMedia takes step counting and calorie consumption measurement. But in this last function has the advantage of being equipped with a «Calorimeter». As it remains in contact with the skin, it is able to measure its temperature and metabolic state, which makes counting more accurate. As I have little hunger, it ends up serving as a reminder to eat and avoid weight loss. When the person is lying down for some time, the device deduces that he is sleeping. This causes sleep analysis not to be triggered manually. It is more expensive and more fragile than Fitbit. The sensor’s plastic holder broke, but the company sent another along with an apology.


To use it simply install a software and attach a sensor to the ear. I often use it in the heaviest periods, since it is not mobile and must be connected to a computer in order to function. Frequency is the number of heartbeat per minute, but between one beat and another there is a space of time, which is never the same. The software records this value, and thus measures how the frequency will vary. There is an ideal point for this variation, called cardiac coherence. The software shows how well our beats are consistent and helps you reach that point.


It works with an elastic band attached to the forehead. It captures brain activity during sleep and software analyzes that information. The recorded data is sent to an iPhone application or to a unit that also functions as a digital clock. At first it was uncomfortable sleeping with the elastic attached to the head, but then I got used to it. It records the phases of sleep and divides them into light, deep and REM, the stage in which we dream. From there it generates an index, the ZQ (Zeo Quocient), which signals the quality of the rest. The clock can also be set to sound an alarm clock, switched on only in the lighter phase of sleep. This is better to wake up

Nike + Fuelband

The bracelet comes equipped with a three-axis accelerometer, and works similarly to other step meters. The difference is in the design. The bracelet has 20 LED points, which glow on a scale from red to green to show how close the person is to their daily calorie expenditure goal. To transmit the collected information, it connects via Bluetooth technology to cell phones or to the computer through a USB connector hidden in the clasp.

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