The idea to create human skin prototype is far not so old: in 2014 the machine was created to make skin equivalent prototypes to meet the needs of growing bionic skin production. By now the skin creation technology has remarkably developed, making a huge step forward. Let’s see what we can expect from 3D bioprinters in the near future.

Print-Your-Skin Manual Or How Does 3D Bioprinter Work?

Bioprinter is producing skin using real human skin materials, so that the new generated skin is easily implemented in human body. The modern 3D printers, which are used in surgery, are smart devices: they analyze the wound depth and structure, so it is possible to modulate the final results beforehand.

Printed skin is more important, that one can imagine!

Printed skin can be used for different purposes. We will overlook some cases, where it plays really big role.

Medical treatment

3D skin is made from natural materials and it is possible to create different skin examples. High technological printers can copy the skin, printing its structure in different shapes. Technology can be used to replace patients skin or in case of heavy burns.

Cosmetic Industry

Such skin is perfect for cosmetic research, as it can be used for irritation tests, showing the reaction of cosmetic product on human skin. In addition, it is perfect for experiments of pharmaceutical products allowing to receive more accurate laboratory results, before launching items on the market.

Medical surgery

Experts predict that bio skin can be the future for complex medical operations, when patient needs to replace infected skin with new printed one, but without infection. The experiments are being carried out to find the suitable model.

Future for 3D printer in Medicine

L’Oréal has already collaborated with Organovo to get 3D skin tissue developed for beauty tests. Scientists are working on implementing AI and Machine Learning for their bioprinters to make them smarter. That’s great news, as we can be sure to meet future with eco friendly materials.

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